​At Wright Productions each client is special, we work diligently with each client to create a customized project that will most effectively communicate their message no matter the size of the budget.  Some starter packages are:

BRONZE PACKAGE:Starting at $1,000
• Product or Salesperson shot in front of a green screen at your location
• Assistance with project copy
• Your choice of digital background, royalty-free music
• Three days of post-production and editing with photos, logos, and compression to deliverable media

SILVER PACKAGE:Starting at $2,000
• Product or Salesperson and b-roll shot on location with professional lighting and sound
• Assistance with project copy
• Three to five days post=production as above

GOLD PACKAGE: Starting at $3,500
• Product or Salesperson , interviews and b-roll shot on location with professional lighting and sound  two person camera crew
• Full project scripting
• Five to seven days of post production as above

For other productions services we offer full and half-day rates.  Post-production and audio services are billed hourly.  To find out how we can help you with your specific needs, contact us for information concerning creating your project and for a quote.​

Office: 951.699.3636 Cell: 310.614.4741

Email: bw@wrightproductions.com